COSMO- Art Print



 This art piece is a whimsical and feminine illustration of a cocktail, specifically labeled as a "Cosmopolitan." The main focus is on a delicate coupe glass filled with the drink, which has a pale pink hue. The rim of the glass is adorned with pink sugar, adding a touch of sparkle and color contrast. A pastel-colored ribbon is tied in a bow around the stem of the glass, enhancing its decorative and elegant appearance.

The background features vertical stripes in soft pink, giving a subtle vintage or shabby-chic aesthetic. This striped backdrop is framed by a border of floral patterns, primarily consisting of pink roses with green leaves, which adds to the romantic and classic feel of the artwork. 

At the top, within a pink-bordered rectangle, the word "Cosmopolitan" is written in a casual, handwritten style, which adds a personal and inviting touch to the piece. The overall color palette is soft and pastel, dominated by shades of pink and light purple, which contributes to the artwork's charming and lighthearted vibe.

.: Material: gallery-grade 210 gsm fine art paper
.: Available in 19 sizes
.: Horizontal, vertical and square options
.: Giclée print quality
.: Smooth matte finish